You are currently viewing Our new regional guide: Le Guide de la Vendée

Our new regional guide: Le Guide de la Vendée

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new French regional guide: Le Guide de la Vendée. The Vendée is a neighbouring department to our Charente Maritime Guide and is an attractive destination that we were keen to work with. Launched in June 2021, the Guide de la Vendée will allow users to plan their holidays in this department, which offers the attractions of a beautiful ocean front with major seaside resorts, while allowing them to explore the beautiful villages of the bocage, the Poitevin and Breton marshes, not forgetting the high bocage and the famous Puy du Fou.

A tourist guide to planning a holiday in the Vendée

Based on the success of our other French departmental and regional guides, the Guide de la Vendée allows Internet users looking for cultural activities, leisure and pleasure to organise their holidays. Our Guide de la Vendée is arranged like the previous ones with clear, easily accessible information, in an ergonomic way which is the strength of Negocom Altlantique’s online products.

Organisation of our guide and the services presented

Our sales consultant on site is there to meet the tourism providers who are classified by type of activity:

  • Eating out: restaurants, tables d’hôtes, with their specificities and specialities, with an emphasis on seafood products
  • Accommodation: outdoor accommodation such as campsites and PRLs, hotels, gîtes and guest houses
  • Entertainment: with a constantly growing panel of professionals in outdoor, nautical and nature activities (boating, surfing, canoeing, kayaking, etc.)
  • Getting together: a section that proposes places for festive outings with family or friends

    Our blog section is also present with articles on the best places for families, the discovery of seaside resorts, hikes, ideas for walks and cultural walks. Our photographer has been on location for several weeks to bring back beautiful shots of all the regions of the Vendée. We also have experiential articles thanks to our bloggers on site.

    The Vendée Guide also provides information on the major towns and villages, tourist sites and the best activities to explore during a stay in the Vendée. Thanks to our diary, our partnership with Cirkwi which offers themed walks in a wide range of locations, our Guide de la Vendée has already offered many experiences since its launch. Each new guide is an opportunity for Negocom Altantique to improve its content offer, to adapt it to the visibility needs of service providers, but also to the search and desire for content of Internet users.

    Discover the Guide de la Vendée now!